Erasmus+: Traineeship Offer at Official School of Languages in Segovia (Spain)

A student with an interest in language teaching, willing to share their knowledge of their language and culture with our students. Someone with communication skills and keen on participating in the school’s activities.

The teachers will give the trainee guidance to prepare lessons and teaching materials. Also, they will be given guidance in how to correct students and help them improve. The trainee will be informed about the school institutional framework and the language department organization. Training in the library lending programme.

The trainee will have the tasks of a language assistant. Preparation of lessons and materials for these lessons. Helping the teacher in class with speaking activities, to improve students’ vocabulary, pronunciation , listening skills and cultural knowledge. These speaking activities many times will be related to cultural issues of their countries of origin. The applicant might also be asked to help in the school library for a few hours a week.

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