New Lecture in Fall: Automated Code Analysis for Large Software Systems (ACA)

In Fall/Winter 2013 we will be offering a new lecture on automated code analyses for large software systems. We will be discussing the most important algorithms to solve static code analysis problems efficiently and precisely, and will be presenting novel extensions of these algorithms that we have recently developed to address important real-world analysis problems like automatically detecting vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Library (e.g. CVE_2012_4681). Continue reading

Responsible Disclosure: Darmstadt Researchers Discover Security Vulnerability in AppGuard Pro

Stephan Huber (Fraunhofer SIT Darmstadt) and Siegfried Rasthofer (TU Darmstadt) discovered a security vulnerability in versions 2.0.0 – 2.0.5 of the security tool AppGuard Pro. A few weeks ago, we informed the vendor Backes SRT who has now fixed the vulnerability in the latest release. The vulnerability gives malicious apps full control of all settings in the AppGuard Pro application. The vulnerability not only allows such apps to bypass any and all of the tool’s security measures, on top of that the malicious apps can even misuse AppGuard Pro to convince the user into perceiving the malicious app as harmless. Users should download the update as soon as possible.

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