(We are currently working on a Wiki-Page which gives a lot more examples and tutorials!)


  • PLDI 2013 Tutorial: Soot, a Tool for Analyzing and Transforming Java Bytecode (starting at slide 19!) [SLIDES]

Java/Android Instrumentation

  • RV 2013 Paper: Instrumenting Android and Java Applications as Easy as abc. [PDF]
  • CCS 2013 Tutorial: Easily Instrumenting Android Applications for Security Purposes [SLIDES]
    • Virtual Machine [Download]
    • Hand-Out [Handout]
    • Requirements: To install this VM the participants require a computer with a least 10GB of free disc space and 4GB of memory. For speeding up the process previously installing VMWare or VirtualBox 4.2.16 (or later, including extension packs) would be great.
  • Blog-Post: Instrumenting Android Apps with Soot
  • More examples are coming soon!

Analyzing and Transforming Java and Android Bytecode with Soot

  • Old tutorials from Sable: Soot Documentation (still relevant despite being old!) [HTML]
  • Android specific stuff is not included!