Clothes Swap

Tuesday, on the 2nd of July we organized a clothes swap event in the P9 building. Some people gave away the extra pair of clothes they had and/or received new ones. You could find everything: jeans, shorts, pullovers, dresses, shirts, shoes, nail paints as well as accessories at the clothes swap.

The event started at 11 and people from the university as well as outside of it were allowed to visit and pick whatever they liked or give away something. There were also snacks present at the venue, people could relax for a while and could have a good time while looking for clothes.

A really positive response was obtained – people were interested in the clothes on offer and many left with lots of items. Some also mentioned they really liked the concept and idea behind the swap. Instead of throwing away your clothes, it’s better to give it away as it could be used by someone else too.

On Campus Interview

MIA – the gender and women’s project area at the University of Paderborn organized an on-campus interview with the students regarding their feelings of safety and appreciation.

Students were asked around seven questions and around nine people were willing to participate, majority of whom were international students. It was extremely tough to get the local students on camera and get their opinion on the topic.

The topic of women’s safety on streets was also raised – we asked people whether they feel safe on the streets at night, to which everyone responded differently.

There was an interesting answer given by a one of them on the topic of women, he said god puts forwards women and they are more superior to men but it is sad they are not treated this way in the society. He said that god says heaven is in the feet of your mother.

A really conflicting question: “whether men and women are equal or not?” was also asked from the interviewees, majority of which agreed that they are equal on most terms, however there are places where they are not considered equal such as salary at work places, women are always subjected to do household chores and men are expected to go out and work – this notion should be changed. Men and women are different physically but not in terms of strength or the professional work they do.

We also asked the question regarding the sought of relation the students at the university share with their parents, most of them share a loving, strong and healthy relationship with them.