SRTL-10 (2017)

Date: 2 July – 8 July , 2017
Venue: Rotorua, New Zealand (at Sudima Hotel)
Theme: Innovations in statistical modelling to connect data, chance and context
Forum Coordinators Dani Ben-Zvi – University of Haifa (Israel) & Katie Makar – University of Queensland (Australia)
Local coordinators Maxine Pfannkuch (University of Auckland), Stephanie Budgett (University of Auckland) and Pip Arnold (Cognition Education Ltd.)

SRTL-10 participants


Date: 2nd to 8th July 2017
Venue: Sudima Hotel, Rotorua, New Zealand
Theme: Innovations in Statistical Modelling to Connect Data, Chance and Context
Forum Coordinators: Dani Ben-Zvi, University of Haifa, Israel & Katie Makar, University of Queensland, Australia
Local Coordinators: Maxine Pfannkuch ( & Stephanie Budgett ( from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and Pip Arnold ( from Cognition Education, Auckland.

The Tenth International Research Forum on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking and Literacy (SRTL-10) was held in Rotorua, New Zealand from 2nd to 8th July 2017 at the Sudima Hotel. The Forum was sponsored by several institutions including IASE, the Statistics Department at The University of Auckland, Cognition Education, the New Zealand Statistical Association, ASA Statistics Education, and Springer Publishing Company.

Researchers in statistics education from six countries around the world have been invited to SRTL-10 to share their work, discuss important issues, and initiate collaborative projects. With emphasis on the SRTL-10 conference theme Innovations in Statistical Modelling to Connect Data, Chance and Context, an interesting range of diverse research presentations and discussions took place. The Forum was chaired by Katie Makar and organized by the Local organizing team: Maxine Pfannkuch, Stephanie Budgett and Pip Arnold.

List of presentations at SRTL-10:

  1. Chris Wild (resident statistician): Modelling: Connecting the Worlds
  2. Mayumi Shinohara & Richard Lehrer: Narrating lines of practice: Students’ view of their participation in statistical practices
  3. Anne Patel & Maxine Pfannkuch: Developing statistical modelling competencies in Year 7 students
  4. Jennifer Noll, Kit Clement, Jason Dolor & Matthew Petersen: Students’ use of narrative when constructing statistical models in TinkerPlots
  5. Matthew Beckman & Robert delMas: Assessing student understanding of statistical models connecting data, chance and context
  6. Michelle Wilkerson & Kathryn Lanouette: Connecting research and creating frameworks: A report from the Youth, Learning and Data Science Summit
  7. Jill Fielding-Wells: Dot plots and Hat plots: Supporting young students emerging understandings of distribution, centre and variability through modelling
  8. Sibel Kazak, Dave Pratt & Rukiye Gökce: Students’ emergent reasoning about models and modelling during a data modelling task
  9. Michal Dvir & Dani Ben-Zvi: The role of model comparison in young learners’ reasoning with statistical models and modelling
  10. Stephanie Budgett & Anna Fergusson: Modelling and linking the Poisson and exponential distributions in the real world and in the model world
  11. Nicola Justice, Michael Huberty, Andrew Zieffler & Robert delMas: Secondary teachers’ reasoning about statistical models
  12. Vasiliki Laina & Michelle Wilkerson: Modelling data by visualising it
  13. Lucía Zapata-Cardona & Mónica Marcela Parra-Zapata: Students’ construction and use of models for informal inferential reasoning

Sponsors of SRTL-10 are:

  • Department of Statistics, Auckland University
  • The New Zealand Statistical Association
  • IASE
  • ASA (Section of Statistical Education)
  • Cognition Education
  • Springer