SRTL-6 (2009)

University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Date: July 10 – 16, 2009
Venue: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Theme: The Role of Context and Evidence in Informal Inferential Reasoning
Focus: Context and IIR
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Presentations SRTL-6

Statistician’s keynote address: Putting ‘context’ in context
Chris Wild, University of Auckland

Towards a framework for understanding students’ informal statistical inference and argumentation.
Dani Ben-Zvi, Katie Makar, & Arthur Bakker

Coördinating phenomenologically immediate and semiotically mediated constructions of statistical distribution.
Dor Abrahamson

The Tyranny of context.
Robert Delmas, Joan Garfield, & Andrew Zieffler

Developping variability concepts in context: A classroom study.
Maxine Pfannkuch

The role of explanations and context in informal reasoning among sixth grade students.
Einat Gil, & DAni Ben-Zvi

The role of Context Expertise in students’ analysis of data.
Steve Nisbet, Cynthia Langrall, Edward Mooney, & Sinchai Jansem

Contexts for highlighting signal and noise.
Clifford Konold, & Anthony Harradine

Context and its role in posing investigative questions.
Pip Arnold

Informal inferential reasoning as a contextualised risk-based enterprise.
Dave Pratt, Janet AInley, Philip Kent, Ralph Levinson, Christina Yogui, & Ramesh Kapadia

Poster sessions:

Authentic practices as contexts for learning to draw conclusions beyond correlated data.
Adri Dierdorp, Arthur Bakker, Jan van Maanen, & Harrie Eijkelhof

On middle school teachers’ learning  to support students’development of informal inferential reasoning.
Jana Visnovska