SRTL-9 (2015)

SRTL-9 participants


Date: 26 Juli – 1 August , 2015
Venue: University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany
Theme: Reasoning about Models and Modelling in the Context of Informal Statistical Inference
Forum Coordinators Dani Ben-Zvi – University of Haifa (Israel) & Katie Makar – University of Queensland (Australia)
Local coordinators Rolf Biehler (, Daniel Frischemeier ( and Susanne Podworny ( from the University of Paderborn; Paderborn, Germany

The Ninth International Research Forum on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking and Literacy (SRTL-9) was held in Paderborn, Germany on July 26 to August 1, 2015 at Waldhotel Nachtigall, Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus (Germany). The Forum was sponsored by several institutions including IASE, the University of Paderborn, ASA Statistics Education, and Springer Publishing Company.

Researchers in statistics education from eight countries around the world have been invited to SRTL-9 to share their work, discuss important issues, and initiate collaborative projects. With emphasis on the SRTL-9 conference theme Reasoning about models and modelling in the context of informal statistical inference, an interesting range of diverse research presentations and discussions took place. The Forum was chaired by Dani Ben-Zvi and Katie Makar and organized by the Local organizing team: Rolf Biehler, Daniel Frischemeier and Susanne Podworny.

Here is an overview of the presentations taking place during the SRTL-9 research forum:

  1. Cliff Konold, William Finzer, and Kosoom Kreetong: Modeling as a Core Component of Structuring Data
  2. Stephanie Budgett and Maxine Pfannkuch: Building conditional probability concepts through reasoning from an eikosgram model: A pilot study
  3. Jennifer Noll and Dana Kirin: Students’ Emerging Statistical Models using TinkerPlots
  4. Einat Gil and Alison Gibbs: Promoting Modeling of Informal Covariational Reasoning among Secondary School Students in the Context of Big Data
  5. Susanne Schnell and Christian Büscher: Students’ emergent modelling when reasoning with distributions
  6. Janet Ainley and Dave Pratt: Purposive Computational Modelling
  7. Rich Lehrer: Developing practices of model-based informal inference
  8. Keren Aridor and Dani Ben-Zvi: Statistical Modeling to Promote Students’ Aggregate View of Data in the Context of Informal Statistical Inference
  9. Jill Wells and Katie Makar: Young children’s development and use of models as evidence in support of informal statistical inference
  10. Hana Manor and Dani Ben-Zvi: Students’ Emergent Articulations of Models and Modeling in Making Informal Statistical Inferences
  11. Helen Doerr, Bob delMas, and Katie Makar: A Modeling Approach to the Development of Students’ Informal Inferential Reasoning
  12. Lucia Zapata: Teaching statistics: a modelling experience to promote students‘ informal inferential reasoning
  13. Sibel Kazak and Dave Pratt: Pre-service mathematics teachers’ informal statistical inference when bulding probability models for a chance game
  14. Rolf Biehler, Daniel Frischemeier, and Susanne Podworny: Elementary preservice teachers’ reasoning about modeling a “family factory” with TinkerPlots – A pilot study
  15. Rob Gould, Terri Johnson, Suyen Machado, and James Molyneux: Modeling with “Big Data” in Secondary Schools: An Exploratory Study




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