Workshops in mixed groups of Information Systems and Service Marketing & Management researchers will offer opportunities to deepen and intensify the preceding discussions, in order to inspire inter-disciplinary research among Marketing and IS scholars in the area of Smart Service. The workshop will be closed by developing a joint research agenda for smart service systems.

Workshop 1: Digital Service Innovation
Digital innovations have prompted organisations to become more process oriented, customer focused, and to reorganize ways to deliver and capture value through services. They also require organisations to offer innovative and digitally enabled service offerings continuously and at a very high pace in order to remain competitive in dynamically changing market environments. The goal of this workshop is to grasp the whole picture on digital service innovation from an information system and a service marketing & management perspective to develop or extend existing strategies, methods, and tools.

Workshop 2: Technology-Based Service Systems
Against the backdrop of the Internet of Things, physical goods increasingly become permeated by IT. These smart products become detectable from the remote and can be embedded into digital networks that integrate data from smart products with data stored in distributed software systems. The contextual data retrieved from smart products can then be used to make service processes more efficient, but also to design and offer entirely new value propositions that are based on comparing a smart product’s use with the entire installed base of similar products. The purpose of this workshop is to asses properties of smart products and develop concepts and theories of how digital services need to be developed.

Workshop 3: Data-Driven Service / Artificial Intelligence
We have witnessed an unprecedented growth in data volume, variety, and velocity over the past decade—often referred to as “big data”. While for most organisations data has traditionally been time-consuming and costly to acquire, today’s businesses are increasingly confronted with a data deluge. However, many companies lack the capabilities to extract business value from their data and instead continue to just hoard it. The workshop aims to investigate state-of-the-art service and identify antecedents and consequences of data-driven service.

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