Archive for Experimental Film

Archive for German experimental and avant-garde film by women

Film studies in Paderborn are establishing a film archive of German avant-garde and experimental film by women in order to work against a deficit concerning preservation and accessibility of these films. While it is often already difficult to find well-preserved feature films, which are older than 20 years, the situation regarding experimental films by women is worse: Many prints are no longer available or in very bad condition.

In building up the film collection we are taking a first step to improve the situation. Once a lively contribution not just to film festivals these films are now often neglected and have disappeared from consciousness. But in their concern with “female aesthetics” and questions of sexuality, lived practices, gender-relations they are important documents of the feminist movement and extraordinary expressions of their time. In their original format (16mm), they constitute a significant part of cultural heritage. The archive forms a unique cornerstone for the development of a research focus on this period of experimental filmmaking and provides a basis for the re-examination and historical evaluation of these films.

Many filmmakers, among them Helke Sander, Ulrike Ottinger, Dore O., Ute Aurand and many others have thankfully contributed to the archive – and we hope to grow.

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