Contribution on the EECERA conference 2023 in Lisbon


At the conference of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) in Lisbon from 30th August till 2nd September 2023 a contribution about the Paderborner Qualitätsstern will be presented, including current findings of an observation of the working processes of participants from two primary schools and 10 kindergartens using our instrument.

New publication


The handbook ‘Evaluating Transition to School Programs – Learning from Research and Practice‘, edited by Bob Perry and Sue Dockett, was published in 2022. It also contains a current contribution to the Paderborn Quality Star.

Büker, Petra; Höke, Julia & Ogrodowski, Jana: Paderborner Qualitätsstern (PQ³): Self-evaluation of transition to school programs for educators and teachers. In: Perry, Bob & Dockett, Sue (2022): Evaluating Transition to School Programs. Learning from Research to Practice. Routledge: Early Childhood Education and Primary Education, p. 52-63.

Welcome to the pages of the Paderborner Qualitätsstern! (PQ for short)


The Paderborner Qualitätsstern is a self-assessment tool for evaluating the quality of cooperation achieved in the transition process from kindergarten to primary school. It enables educators and teachers to take a systematic survey of the activities they have carried out so far to organise the transition processes and to plan the next steps of development on this achieved basis. The Paderborner Qualitätsstern is currently available in a third, extensively revised edition (PQ³ for short).

You will find everything worth to know about the Paderborner Qualitätsstern on these pages of our new blog! We wish you fruitful dialogues within your multi-professional team and are looking forward to your feedback!

Julia Höke, Petra Büker, Jana Herding und Britta Vollmann