Research stay at Waseda University as part of a cross cultural project

As part of the cross-cultural project CULSHY (Cross-cultural studies on shyness: Experimental studies on gesture production of school-aged children and their nonverbal communicative behavior in a child-robot interaction) I am on a research stay at Waseda University in Tokyo from September to October.

In the project, led by Katharina Rohlfing and Kazuki Sekine, we are investigating the communicative behavior of preschool children towards social robots cross-culturally. During my research stay, we were able to test the study design and conduct first pilots.

Successfully Defended my PhD Dissertation

I am pleased to announce that I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis “This is autumn red! Learning morphologically complex words with social robots: The influence of a systematic variation of the pragmatic frame on long-term word learning in 4-5 year old children”.

It has been a great journey of almost 5 years and I would like to express my deepest thankfulness to all the people involved in this special experience, especially my Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Dr. Katharina Rohlfing and Prof. Dr. Kerstin Fischer.

Conference Contribution at EARLI 2023 as part of an invited symposium

I had the honor of participating in an invited symposium at the 20th Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

In the symposium “From access to impact: a quality perspective on early childhood digital education”, organized by Franziska Cohen, I presented a study in which we analyzed the multimodal behavior of preschool children when they encountered difficulties to recall a learned word while learning with a social robot. The results may help inform future dialog design between young children and robots.

Symposium “Diversity in Children’s Temperament: Perspectives on Shyness in Interaction” at CogSci 2022

Together with Franziska Viertel, Matt Hilton, Kristie Poole, and Sarah Kucker I organized a Symposium at this year’s CogSci 2022!

In this endeavor, we have attempted to synthesize various disciplinary perspectives and cutting-edge findings on the topic of shyness in children. The symposium is available in the conference proceedings.