SecDev — Course summary

Course information
Course: Secure Software Development (SecDev)
TUCAN: 20-00-0936-vl
Lecturer: Dr. Lotfi ben Othmane
Teaching Assistant: Lisa Nguyen
Type: Course
CP: 3
SWS: 2
Language: English
Time: Fridays from 15:20 to 17:00

The security of software systems is becoming critical. The goal of the course is to provide students as future software developers with the knowledge and first-hand experience they need for developing secure software. The main topics are:

  1. Overview of software attacks
  2. Secure software-development life cycle
  3. Threat modeling
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Security requirements
  6. Security architecture
  7. Security testing
  8. Security code analysis
  9. Secure coding standards
  10. Data analytic for secure software

The course is composed of a set of lectures on the topics above, 4 secure software labs, 2 mini-projects, and a research activity.

Grading structure
20% Labs on software attacks (2 labs)
20% Mini-projects on using tools (1 mini-project from 2 choices)
30% Project/Research activity report
20% Final Exam
10% Attendance and participation


The course will be for master students on software engineering, IT security and distributed systems. After having attended this course, students will have learned to analyze the security of software, to develop secure software, and to investigate a research problem on secure software development.

The minimum number of students for this course is 6.