Introducation of Paderborns associations

project part 1)

The University of Paderborn is trying to promote the social integration of international students in the region of Paderborn by the following measures. Every week we present on our blog one new association from Paderborn, which would be happy to let international students participate as members. Thereby the international students can be part in the Paderborner civil society and in their activities. They also can get to know the german cultural standards, german engagement and can build up social networks. To make it easier to get informations and offers out of the region Paderborn and about the associations we found this blog to restructure and shorten all information by importance. We try to sum up information about costs, application, language skills and group of participants.

Here we present an additional association every week. Interesting dates are going to be uploaded under calendar.

Be part of an association and find your network!