Upcoming Workshop

Announcing the Fifth Workshop on Information System Design and Economic Behavior (ISDEB 2020)

Date: 9th March 2020 in Co-Location with WI2020 to be held from 9th to 11th March 2020

Time: 1 PM – 6 PM

Location: Universität Potsdam, Campus Griebnitzsee, Haus 6, August-Bebel-Str. 89, D-14482 Potsdam

Scope & Workshop Format: The ISDEB workshop is designed to provide a community for researchers who focus on economic principles of IS design. Although a number of workshops and conferences accept research in this area, these tend to be diffused with inadequate time for presentation, discussion and Q&A. The ISDEB workshop complements such venues by providing a focused and intense environment for interaction among researchers to assist in the development of the field. ISDEB workshops have a single track with one hour per paper so everyone can participate substantively in the discussion. (read more)

Registration: The workshop is – thanks to our sponsor SFB 901 On-The-Fly Computing and thanks to the organizers of WI2020 – free of charge. Nevertheless you have to register for the workshop. Please use the registration system of WI2020. In case you do not plan to participate at WI2020 but would like to join the ISDEB workshop, please contact us directly by email.

Program: This year’s ISDEB workshop will feature four presentations (listed in alphabetical order of the presenters) and enough time for interaction and discussion:

  • Oliver Hinz (U Frankfurt): „The Dynamics of Algorithmic Discrimination“ [joint work with Michael Kosfeld]
  • Jan Krämer (U Passau): „Ranking Algorithms and the Quality of Free Content on Dominant Online Platforms” [joint work with Oliver Zierke]
  • Timm Teubner (TU Berlin): „Bring your own stars: Reputation portability between online platforms“ [joint work with Maik Hesse, Marc T. P. Adam]
  • Verena Tiefenbeck (FAU Nürnberg Erlangen/ETH Zürich): „Peer-to-Peer Trading of Solar Energy: Empirical Evidence and Simulation Results“ [joint work with Anselma Wörner]

ISDEB 2020 Workshop Co-Chairs:


This workshop is organized in cooperation with the Department „Economics of IS“ of the journal „Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE)“.

Bildquelle: Universität Potsdam, K. Fritze